Monday, July 25, 2005

Can you say "Oui?"

Bring on JJ the Hurricane!

I'm not a fan of many things French, so my analysis may well be rooted in this bias. I may attribute tendencies to them and their motivations surrounding the draft that might be based more on my pre-disposition to disdain for all things Gaul. That being said, the third position in draft is a potentially powerful one. Right now, I think the Anaheim Ducks decision will drive what the Hurricanes do. My guess is that the Hurricanes brain trust wants Jack Johnson if the Ducks pick a forward with their second pick. If Johnson is gone, I think Pete and Jim might dangle the pick for a move down.

So who might want to move up to the third pick for Pouliot, Brule, Ryan or Kopitar? I say the Montreal Canadians. After missing out on the chance to get the French-speaking Crosby, I think Pouliot might be the next best thing. Frenchness is important to le Habitants, oui??

What could they offer to a team like the Hurricanes in need of immediate defensive help? First of all the fifth pick and possibly with it Marc Staal. This sibling stuff could help slightly in the 'Canes marketing department. But the move up should also cost the Canadians at least an additional pick or some talent.

Let's look at their talent. No, I don't want Brisbois and his attitude. Plus I think they just released the guy, so I think he's out as part of a deal. Rivet is a defenseman they might dangle, but he's 5th or 6th on the depth chart. What about Souray? Sheldon is oft injured, but that's largely a product of his aggressive style of play-y'all remember Hurricane short-timer Dany Markov?

On the prospect front, the Canadians have the Russian forward Kostsitsyn, and the American Higgins. Both are the cream of their prospect crop, so I don't think that will happen. Highly touted US defenseman Ron Hainsey is their top blueline prospect. Overall, I don't think they have that much the can or will offer, but I wouldn't be surprised if those same Canadians who just pitched Pittsburgh about the availability of dropping down out of the Crosby stakes might try for the 'Canes pick.

But what if the Canadians are talking to the Ducks even as I blog?

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