Friday, July 29, 2005

'Canes Sign Mike Commodore

'Canes add Size, Physicality, Personality and Big Red Hair
This move is not surprising given they way the Hurricanes do business. They tend to recruit players from Karmanos' OHL Plymouth Whalers (Justin Williams, for example). In this case, it was the shared roster relationship with Calgary for the Lowell AHL team that probably created the opportunity to get Commodore. I wish we could wrench Chuck Kobasew away as well.

I like this pickup. Commodore is big (6'4", 230), young, and physical. He's got Cup playoff experience and has built an on-ice and clubhouse rapport with Staal and crew.

I also like an intangible with this guy. He's got personality to go with the big hair. He's a bit of a character-a flake. Name another guy with any charisma on the 'Canes? Can't think of one, can you? Aaron Ward is probably the closest thing. Jeff O'Neill has a kind of rebel without a clue or human train wreck waiting to happen appeal, but it's not the same. I think Commodore might just be the fan-favorite the 'Canes have been lacking. Let's hope so.

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