Friday, July 29, 2005

CasonBlog Draft Day prognostication

Day After Note: Re: My Prognostications-In the immortal words of that '80's superband, Rockpile, "Let's face it I'm wrong again..."
Meet New Carolina Hurricane Bobby Ryan
Welcome to one of the giddiest days of the year for us puckheads. I'm going to take a moment here late Friday night to prognosticate on what I think might shake out tomorrow with the top ten picks in the draft. My Schnauzer Gretyl and I have just finished pouring over stats, player profiles, high school transcripts, and psychological analyses on a number of prospects and the rogues gallery of often megalomaniac NHL GMs as we look around 15 hours into the future. I've got two takes on what might shake out. Here is a daring look at what might be "the mother of all draft days." So, here we go...

CasonBlog 2005 Entry Draft Forecast

1. Sydney Crosby-Pens ( Traded then to the Rangers for Jagr-just kidding)

2. Jack Johnson-Ducks (Traded then to Blues with Giguere for their pick, Chris Pronger and Tkachuk because Burke's ego will drive him to making a splash on draft day. The Blues get to take a huge bite out of their salary structure and they get an answer in goal for around half the price of Tkachuk)

3. Bobby Ryan-Hurricanes (recent additions of Commodore and Hutchinson fill immediate need for young blueliners. Otherwise I think they might have traded down for Staal if Johnson wasn't available)

4. Gilbert Brule-Wild (Lemaire's kind of gritty forward)

5. Benoit Pouliot-Habs (The Habs have been missing a French guy who skates gracefully and scores spectacular goals since Lefleur)

6. Anze Koptiar-Jackets (Finishes the Nash, Zherdev, ____ line)

7. Carey Price-Blackhawks (Issues in abound in goal with the rebuilding Hawks)

8. Jack Skille-Thrashers (Gives the Trash a power forward to compliment the more graceful Heatley and Kovalchuk)

9. Marc Staal-Sens (Ontario boy stays in Ontario and doesn't go to the hated Leafs)

10. Ryan O'Marra-Nucks (Safe pick for a new GM trying to hold on to Naslund, wait out the Bertuzzi appeal process, and figure out what to do with Cloutier. I also think he knows better than to try and emulate his flamboyant predecessor)

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