Thursday, July 28, 2005

NHL GM's to Experience Shock and Awe


Bobby The Missing-Holik: An Unfortunate Burp in Human Evolution
Me thinks the floodgates are about to open in player movement and stay open until well into the start of the season. It must be both terrifying and exhilirating to be an NHL general manager right about now. In the next couple of months the winners will be those who quickly figure out the answers to some key questions:

  • How will the rule changes will effect the nature of the game and what type of talent is best suited for this new reality?
  • Who to keep, who to let go, and who to buy out?
  • Should you buy a player out or hold on to them in the hopes of making a trade?
  • Draft in your current spot or move if you're not sure about how your roster is going to shake out?
Case in point-The Rangers. They have only six players signed. They don't know if Jagr and his $10mil are going to stay in Europe or come back. They've got serious dead wood issues in what to do with Exhaspiritis and the Missing-Holik. They traded for Weekes before the cancellation of last season and now have to make a decision on whether to sign him as their guy in goal. I would be very scared right now to be the GM for both New York teams, Dallas, St. Louis, Vancouver and Boston. These teams are either way high on the salary front and/or lacking signed talent.
I might be fun right now to be the GM in Phoenix. They are loaded with signed talent and at a total salary level of $28.5 mil. If they come up with a goalie solution, add a blueliner, and find a way to stay under the cap in the next few weeks, look out.

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