Friday, July 29, 2005

Possible Trade-ups to Number Two on D Minus One?

'Canes Fans Remember Sandis Oh-NOzolinsh the matador defenseman
It's getting exciting here on the day before the draft. Rumors are flying about teams pitching trades ideas to the Ducks. Spector reports the Av's offering Hedjuk and Tanguay for Federov, Chistov and the pick. If that's true, the Ducks would be dumb to pass it up. They dump the aging Federov and his huge contract. They get two young and proven scorers to build around and who could be in place for the next 5-7 years. Yes, they move down to 27 in the draft, but they'll get two picks from this spot in rapid succession.

Another potential deal would involve the clearly unhappy Pronger to the Ducks. Paired with Sandis Oh NOzolinsh who carries the puck but plays no defense, this might give the Ducks a great 1-2 punch on D. This looks like it would pretty much be a 1 for 1 deal. Trade a guy you couldn't afford and don't plan to keep past this year for the next Pronger/Scott Stevens in Jack Johnson.

Finally there appears to be a Philly deal as well. They might want to trade up to get Bobby Ryan. What would Philly offer? The recently signed Carter or Richards? How about Simon Gagne. I've heard Bobby Clarke and Philly fans run hot and cold on this guy, so he might be good trade bait. Patrick Sharp is another rising star who they might give up to get Ryan.

The gamblers are shaking out be the clubs in the most secure markets. One might have thought that their focus would have been on unloading expensive talent, but they seem inclined to re-sign these guys even as their names come up as the most active in trade rumors. I guess it's easy to gamble when the life or death of the franchise isn't on the line. When was the last Stanley Cub the Leafs won? Who cares in Toronto? It's a new season and the Leafs are gonna win it all, right?

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