Friday, August 05, 2005

After the Frakus-CasonBlog Winners and Big Loser

ARRRRRRGHHHH! Hurricanes miss chance to re-acquire old school #1 blueliner
Chicago: Had Columbus #1 but just found out that the Hawks signed Khabibulin. Aucoin, Spacek and Cullimore on defense, and Martin LaPointe to grind on the front end.

Columbus: Instant impact. Signing Berard and Foote gives them a solid two-way blueline at full strength, the PK and PP.

Florida: Instant maturity and leadership via the Nieuwendyk, Gelinas, and Roberts signings. Role models for rising stars Bouwmeester, Horton, Huselius, and Weiss to emulate.

LA: Instant offense and box office. Adding Pavol Dimetra for a chunk of change and then JR for cash on delivery give the Kings a huge offensive boost. We'll see lots of pictures now of JR hanging out with all the beautiful people, at the movie premieres, and romantically linked to Jennifer Anniston or maybe Heidi Fleiss. Great unforeseen PR coup for the NHL too. Don't forget, they picked up Craig Conroy before this all went down as well. If they can re-sign Ziggy and a find a solution in nets, they'll be an instant force in the Pacific.

Nashville: Preds get CasonBlog Fav Danny Markov for virtually nothing and then add Paul Kariya today.

Jury is out on...
Philly: Forsberg is a huge pickup, but I think they've added more in the expectations department than in the overall talent department. They'll be young up front and Neanderthal on the blueline.

Atlanta: Is the hulking Czech Uni-Brow the answer to a great top line attack? He's already talking smack that Kozlov, Modry and Savard might not have the grit to back.

Big Looser
Lost Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg and then spent $2.5 mil on Turgeon? The Avs also have yet to address their deficiency in goal.

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