Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Age Before Beauty-Seismic Changes to the NHL Landscape


Not a lot of love in the room right about now, huh JR?

You've heard the phrase, "Going ugly early." We'll I think the theme of the last two days of free agency might rightly be, "Go old early."

All AARP Honors:
Flyers: Now featuring real-live cave trolls in Hatcher, Rathje, and Therien. Gave up an excellent two-way defenseman in Danny Markov (Couldn't the 'Canes have offered a 3rd round pick to get 'ole 55 back?). Just saw on Spector moments ago that they signed Forsberg. Does this mean we might see Primeau, Roenick, Handzus dangled?

Panthers: Roberts, Nieuwendyk, and Gelinas will save them money on the road this year, cause they'll be able to dine on a discount at any participating Denny's.

Edmonton: Traded away two players bright futures in Brewer and Wyowitka for instant gratification of a gifted and brittle Pronger.

Calgary: Amonte is soooo 1990's.

Most Improved Honors:
Bluejackets: I wish Jim Rutherford could grab some of that Doug MacLean mojo. Foote and Berard give these boys a great tandom on the blueline-the velvet and the hammer, so to speak. Now if they could land Thornton or Modano-look out for one of these two on a line with Nash and Zhverdev.

"Is that your final answer?" honors:
Atlanta: God I hope they don't get a shot at Modano. I'd hate to see the 'Canes have to face a Modano, Heatley, Kovalchuk line eight times this year. Might not have much salary room though with the addition of Bobby the Missing-Holik should add some grit. Not sure he'll provide much in the leadership category. He didn't bring that Rangers clubhouse together. On a brighter note for Thrash fans, he'll look cute in that powder blue third jersey, don'cha think?

Chicago: Love the Aucoin pick up. They net +53 on the blueline with the departure of Berard and nearly equal the point total. Rumors are out there that they still have a shot at Khabibulin. We'll see.

Carolina: Corey Stillman is a good add, but in retrospect he looks like he was low hanging fruit. Apparently the 'Canes have been wooing him with Carolina BBQ and affordable family housing for over a year. My boys still need impact on the blueline, and the diehard Canic's still want a see JR land a player who will bring back the crowds of 2002 to the RBC. Commodore might be entertaining, but Stillman is kind of a lunch pail guy. Roenick is now potentially available with Philly's signing of Forsberg. Hummmmmmm. I'd love to see the 'Canes get a shot at Pitkanen.


Christopher Trottier said...

Whoever thought Edmonton would find itself with decent players?

CasonBlog said...

Thanks Chris. CasonBlog has been up around two weeks and you hold the distinction of being the very first commentor!!!Can you get your cousin Bryan to endorse the blog as well?