Thursday, August 18, 2005

'Canes Roster Update and W*A*S* of the Week

Welcome Back Big Joe
Now Go Play Like the Power Forward You Were Meant to Be! photo:
The Hurricanes today signed Big Joe Vasicek bringing to a close both the initial UFA rush that brought in Stillman, Whitney and seemingly enigmatic Tverdovsky, followed by the RFA blitz to re-sign our young guns, and much to the applause of CasonBlog, the better-late-than-never return of Glen Wesley. I thought the Vasicek signing would be tough, especially after reading Luke DeCock's "final offer" piece in this morning's N&O. But it looks like overall the lockout has played to that most central and admirable of hockey player values-a love for the game that can at times transcend even the invisible hand of the marketplace.

So now I get to my W*A*S*, or Wild Ass Speculation about what's to come on the personnel front between now and 10.05.

Question: Why in the world do we need so many either borderline or unproved blueliners?

W*A*S*: JR is hoping one or two of the young D'men shows a significant improvement in camp and pre-season that can make the more expensive Hedican or Ward expendable. I really don't think the 'Canes think either veteran is essential, so JR/PK are setting the table to take advantage of any opportunity to move one or both. Lot's of teams are openly shopping for a veteran blueliner, and Hedi or Ward might be a good fit for some clubs right around the start of the season. Pittsburgh is not talking to RFA Aleksey Morozov about a deal, and according to, Toronto is rumored to be shopping for a blueliner and dangling physical centerman, Nik Antropov. The gem deal would include moving a package of our relatively inexpensive guys to Ottawa for stud Wade Redden. Dream on CasonBlog, but hey, that's why I call it W*A*S*.

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