Thursday, October 06, 2005

After an 8 Minute Glance

From Opey to Ahhhhnold in Just Two Years!
photos: carolina hurricanes
Dude is starting to look like Dolph Lundgren, eh? Apparently, Eric Staal was the only 'Cane who's play generated any anticipation last night.

I caught the last eight minutes of the third period on the free Center Ice stream last night. The boys looked disjoint. The Bolts, with a comfortable lead, looked like champs. One game does not a season make, right? Still, it was a bit disturbing to see Aaron Ward playing left wing at the close of the debacle. I remember Maurice moving Tanabe to wing just before he became a Coyote. I heard a rumor that we picked up a left winger named "Whitney" over the summer. Anybody seen the guy? I'd check, but I just pulled my groin....

Gerbs is out with a hip issue, so it's an all Kid-Crew now. If Cam gets in a jam, Lavvy can toss Kevin Nastiuk and his zero games of experience into the fray. Oi Vey (to quote the Acid Queen)...

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