Monday, October 17, 2005

AWard Glow

Jumpin' Giontas Batman! AWard is here to play-here to stay!
photo: carolina hurricanes
In a previous posting, I joined in on widespread speculation that JR might be looking to move a blueliner early in the season. I singled out AWard in a bit of hopeful and projective speculation thinking moving AWard might make room for Danny Richmond on the big squad. I was a bit puzzled when Bruno St. Jacques was shipped to Anaheim for cast away Craig Adams. Despite his shortcomings, I thought we might get more for AWard. TSN raps Ward as "Lacking consistency and confidence in his ability." In years past I would have been quick to second that rip. Back then, you could hear his lack of confidence in interviews, especially when asked about his future with the team. You could see indecision and frustration in his play. During the '03-'04 season he tended to take dumb penalties at very inopportune moments. We weren't scoring any goals, so dumb penalties always seemed to lead to PP goals that sealed the 'Canes doom.

That was then. Right before the start of the season, several 'Canes made a promotional stop at a Durham Bulls game. Pix from the event show a lean and chisled AWard in a black mock turtleneck. Dude looked a bit like that Soviet assassin from the Bond flick From Russia with Love (I mean the one on the left). I chimed in on Red and Black's discussion after the last Crapitals game noting how much I loved the fact that AWard got a couple of solid and clean whacks in on Brendan Witt. Loved the video of our boy glaring down dismissively at an agitated Witt while barking something akin to, "Scoreboard baby!" (numerous expletives most likely omitted). Witt got his revenge through a cheap shot from behind on Roddy after the horn.

All we were missing to make it a complete evening of 'Canes/Craps hockey was a Nancy Kerrigan-like shot to the knee from our old pal Jason Doig. But alas, Jason is probably breaking kneecaps in a beer league right about now.

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