Thursday, October 20, 2005

'Canes and Leafs

It's Roddy on the Breakaway!
No Mas! No Mas!
photo: historiodelboxeo
The boys showed lots of grit tonight. Liked how they swarmed and battled. The penalty Staal took at the end of OT was an unlucky break.

Lavvy ought to just leave Williams, Brindy, and Cole and a line and call it the Roberto Duran line because these three have hands of stone. Cole steamrolls into a collision on two breakaways before scoring in a typically unorthodox fashion on his last. Roddy nails a sweet one-timer and then pulls a Cole, driving the puck right into Belfour's pads. Sooooo many missed chances, soooo many clanking pipes and open nets. Arrrrgh!

Joe Vasicek looked like the featured star of the Lurch-Capades out there. If it wasn't for his wingspan, he would have been truly invisible tonight. Slow, lumbering, clumsy with the puck. Sit him next game and move Kevyn Adams up the shift chart. Once again Kevyn's not getting the love. Why not try Staal, RodBerto, Adams, and then Cullen running the 4th line for a change?

Tverdovsky had a Oh-Nozolinsh moment tonight leading to the Tucker goal. I guess that's the risk you take with a guy who treats every shift like he's point on the PP.

Time to look forward to Saturday night in the Nation's Crapital.

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