Thursday, October 27, 2005

JR Spiralling Towards Genius?

At this fleeting moment in time, the JR and Hurricanes brass look like friggin' geniuses. While a slew of teams including NJ, SJ, Edm, ATL, are in desperate need of help in goal, adjusting to the new rules, and keeping their groins healthy, the lidless eye is sitting pretty with the realtively healthy netminding tandem of CWard and Gerber, a solid positional and puck pushing blueline with additions Mikey C, Tverdovsky and Frankie Kaberle, and comeback-capable scoring fueled by Cole, Roddy, Staal, Stillman, Whitney, and Cullen.

Kaberle, Commodore, and Gerber were picked up before the free agent stampede that followed the lock out. Those investments look pretty solid right about now.

Time for a little Southeast UFA investment comparo to date:
Holik: $4.25 mil -3 pts
Hossa: $5 mil -10 pts
Nieuwendyk: $2.5 mil -3 pts
Roberts: $2.5 mil -0 pts
Cassels: $1.5 mil - 3 pts
Tverdovsky: $2.5 mil - 6 pts
Stillman: $1.75 mil - 8 pts
Whitney: $1.5 mil - 5 pts
Kaberle: $1.3 mil - 6 pts
Cullen: $668 k - 9 pts

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