Friday, October 28, 2005

Looking Ahead to Broad Street Bully Night

photo: evil empire ministry of propaganda
Hockey's Darth Sidious (with his front toofus)

It's Waterloo...Southern Style
I can't wait for tonight's contest. It's gonna be the early season pitched battle between the not so evil and hockey's evil empire (HT Jes and the Evil Index). It's the ultmate test of team design in hockey's new world order. It's the $36 mil payroll vs. the $26 mil payroll. It's the under-the-radar investment in speed and offensive skills vs. the high profile $13 mil signing of an inury prone superstar of two years ago and two hulking redwoods on D. It's flamboyance and big city arrogance vs. small town work ethic. It's our kids on the verge of stardom vs. theirs.

Things I'll be looking out for:

  • Staal busting across bluelines with speed, power, and stickhandling
  • The exact time-of-the-period when I'll start really wanting somebody to whack Brashear ( I doubt Lavvy's gonna sit Jesse tonight)
  • Cole drawing hooking and interference penalties as he blasts by the redwoods and crashes into Esche, the post, the boards, etc.
  • Tverdovsky getting caught up ice on an untimely pinch
  • CWard, or more likely Gerber, facing a ton of shots
  • Esche giving up the game winner late

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