Saturday, October 08, 2005

OLN and the Sirius Satellite Radio

Jonesy, Knock off the Hand Twitches, eh!
I'm having real trouble watching the OLN broadcasts. Their studio show is wretched. Keith Jones and the hand twitching is really annoying. Bill Clement, who I loved as a color man on ESPN broadcasts of yesteryear is really clumsy out of the gate. I heard a line the other night akin to, "The (team name here) are home, and that's where they like to be." cutesy homespun catchphrases off the cuff didn't work for Dan Rather either.

Camera work is another thing OLN hasn't figured out. In their effort to bring the lens closer to the action, they always seem to be behind the flow of the game. When the cameraman realizes that the play is now 20 yards up ice, he whips the camera around to catch up. This leads to in-game bouts of vertigo and post-game migraines.

I like the mikes on the refs, but just like Sunday night football, mikes on the players yield little insight into the game. Tonight I heard Shane Doan miked up to provide us with thrilling dialog like, "Come on boys, let's get the next one." At other times they've merely replayed grunts and background noise.

On the lighter side, I bought a Chrysler Pacifica last week. My kids (I've got 4) call it a station wagon or a minivan. I prefer to call it the Mercedes. The car has a Sirius satellite radio in the back. I didn't buy the car with any plan to use the thing-it just so happened to come with the radio. I saw a posting on a Hurricanes message board last weekend where a poster asked others if they had the XM radio. This kind of piqued my interest. I activated the thing just prior to the 'Canes/Pens game and was able to listen to Chuck Kaiton call the game on the way home from work---In Tucson! Since the games back east start at around 4 pm my time, it should be a nice companion on 40 minute drive home. Plus the music channels are sweet! (this is not a paid endorsement)

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