Saturday, October 29, 2005


photo: canes
Boyish Good Looks Hide a Killer Instinct
What a comeback tonight vs. hockey elite's golden boys-the flightless waterfowl! The boys looked dead on their blades the whole second period-everybody doing the Vasicek half-speed drill. Then came the third. The men of the lidless eye own third periods these days.

Favorite vignette: His Mario-ness taking exception to Staal's skate-to-skate crunch in the third. Yeah, it can be reckless to run at a guy like that, but it didn't look intentional on Eric's part. Mario dropped a couple of F-bombs on our boy, but it looked like Staal just glared back...Whatever grampa.

Staal brings a kind of sereness to his shifts. I just get the sense when he's on the ice that he's in control of the tempo as well as the puck. I roll forward in my seat whenever I see #12 on screen. I can't say I've ever felt that way with any previous Hurricane. If I did it was in anticipation of doom. I guess I've gotten conditioned over the last two years.

Staal's first couple of strides are so powerful and fluid. Vasicek probably has over 20 pounds on Staal, but he get's ridden off the puck far more than Eric. Staal blasts across bluelines while Joe tip-toes, wheels, and tries to dump a weak and dangerous pass across the center of the ice. Cole blasts across bluelines too. He's just out of control most of the time. Staal is almost always in control.

Happy 21st B-Day Eric. Enjoy a few Iron City's with the boys and your dad.

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