Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trade Winds
He's Moved Up From #21 to #2 (on his jersey)
'Yotes Blueliner, Keith Ballard
Spector and reported today that Vrbata and possibly AWard are available for the right deal. Supposedly, Chicago, Florida, Phoenix and Columbus are looking for a "scoring forward."
Spector also reports that Comrie is on the outs with Phx brass. Tell you what, the 'Yotes flat-out reek. The two Coyotes with the most ice time are Mara and David Tanabe. Tanabe (as you 'Canes fans might have guessed), is a -5. Paul Mara is 0 in the plus/minus column. The Coyotes high priced forwards are bringing bupkis to the rink right now. The most exciting player on the ice is relative newcomer Oleg Saprykin. These boys are deep in the hurt locker and need to make a change soon to salvage the Great One's aura.

I don't think the 'Canes want to screw much with team chemistry. I would hazard to guess that Vrbata adds nothing to this team's chemistry. But I don't like the trade buzz about AWard. He's earned his place on the squad this year. There is still a place for a stay-at-home defenseman, as long as he can skate. I'm not convinced Mikey Commodore is the guy yet.

That being said, an interesting deal might be Vrbata and AWard for Kolanos and Ballard. Phoenix has been reported shopping Kolanos for a while. He's pretty big, plays center and wing, he's got nice hands and concussion problems. I love this Ballard kid. He was ditched by both the Sabers and the Avalanche before coming to Phoenix, but he's fast, aggressive with the puck and just a little nasty. The 'Yotes have youth on the blueline now and in the pipeline, and a potential #1 or #2 with Michalek. AWard would bring instant stability to the Phoenix blueline. Vrbata would add another soft floater to motor around on the periphery. On second thought the Coyotes already have about 5 of those guys.

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