Friday, November 11, 2005

Enough with the Skirts

photo: the oakland press
Robert McLang and His Kilt
I first noticed it with Robert Lang. It's now spread to others including young and impressionable players like Kyle Wellwood. Michael Jordan introduced the baggy pant-now baggy has joined with droopy to become the unfortunate fashion norm in sports.

Designed for convenience, the zippered inseam hockey pant was a great innovation. The design concept seemed sound-a hockey pant you could slide on over your skates. Guys like Lang and Wellwood are now abusing the convenience.

Washington Redskin, Clinton Portis, was fined this week for wearing striped socks and non-approved shoes. The least the NHL could do is fine Lang for wearing a non-approved skirt on the ice.


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

I always wondered why Lang wore his pants with a big rip on them (or now unzipped). Is it to get more movement? Perhaps he should just wear bigger pants... You would think loose and big pants would be detriment because it could make you slower...not that Lang was ever swift...

There was one WHL goalie (on the Everett Silvertips) who had the biggest hockey pants I have ever seen. They made Lang's seem tight in comparison.

Christy Hammond said...

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CasonBlog said...

I noticed a lot of guys with their fly's open during the pre-game skate of the Blackhawks-Oilers game. They all zipped up before show time. I'm sure Lang has a reason-I'm sure fashion is not the reason. I bet he dresses like Kurt Cobain off ice.