Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting What You Pay For

My wife likes to say, "You get what you pay for." That often means we end up spending a lot more money than intially intended, but the phrase often rings true in life and hockey. We bought a Kirby vacuum in 1990 for around $1K. At the time, that money would have been better spent elsewhere, but that machine still sucks-in a good way, as far as vacuums go.

Last night, the 'Canes got thrashed...again. Atlanta dropped over $15 mil on Kovalchuk, Hossa, and Holik, and at least last night, the investment showed signs of paying off. Two breakaway goals from two proven finishers. Gerber faced ten less shots than 5th stringer Garnett, but gave up two on break-aways.

I think the tide might be turning in the Southeast. If Lehtonen comes back strong from his groin injury, the Thrash will be solid in goal, and we might soon be looking up at both ATL and the Lightning.

The 'Canes big off-season acquisitions of Tverdovsky, Stillman and Whitney cost $5.75 mil. Last night, Tverdovsky was out with an undisclosed ailment (apprently centered somewhere between his ears), a now sluggish and mistake-prone Stillman has generated only one point in the last five games, and power-play specialist Whitney is still out with a seemingly chronic groin ailment. I don't know why lack of mobility should keep Whitney out of the lineup. Jeff O'Neill serves as living proof that you don't have to be mobile to score goals on the PP-just park in the high slot on the backside and wait for Sundin to feed you the one-timer.

I think we're getting what we paid for.

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