Saturday, December 03, 2005

Game Day PHX!

'Canes vs. Dogs Tonight!
My first chance to see the boys live tonight in PHX. Section 112-Sweeet...

Tough loss in overtime last night. Hutchinson looks like he's arrived, so Red and Black can start taking pride in his avatar. Concur with your analysis on the shoot-out goal on continuation by Modano. It the puck hits the glass on goes in after rolling on end for a few seconds, is that a goal in the shootout? To my eyes, Gerbs stopped the puck on the line. As he shifted to get up, the butt of his stick tipped it over. Granted, it was a pretty bang-bang play. Oh, well, if we take advantage of all the third period power plays, it doesn't get to a shootout.

Looks like Justin Williams is about to prove he doesn't have hands of stone after all. His deflection of the Hutchinson shot from the point was a thing of beauty. Roddy and Cole are back to being prime candidates for induction into the hands of stone hall of fame.

What was the deal with Staal falling down all over the ice last night? It looked like he was re-living some adolescent growth spurt. I wonder if his voice was cracking?

Hope the boys are good and bitter tonight. Can't wait to see Staal and Ladd.

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