Saturday, January 14, 2006

"C" is for Composure

For two periods the 'Canes owned the Preds. Even Corey Sillman threw a nasty hip check into Paul Kariya. The boys of the lidless eye swarmed and grinded to a two goal lead by the end of the second period. With help of a "doink" off the sideboards that eluded Gerbs, the the Preds fought back to tie. No sweat, Roddy took a sweet pass from Ray Whitney and coolly slid it under Vokun's pad. No huge backswing, no dipsy doodle Cullenesque stick handling-he just pushed the puck.

Re-enter Paul Kariya. Can you imagine this Hurricane squad with that little dynamo? I'm not sure how close JR was to signing him, but he is a hell of a player. Kariya makes a dandy pass to Martin Erat for the goal that sent the game to OT.

Now the old 'Canes would have found a way to lose this kind of game. Composure is a definite characteristic of this squad. The Phoenix game I attended an exception (just my luck), the boys battle back in third periods, and now they are just finding ways to win.

Enter Frankie Kaberle. Yeah, his brother up in Toronto get's all the love, but our Kaberle has been a huge part of what is increasingly becoming a patchwork blueline (Mikey C left the game with an injury logging only about 6 minutes). Frankie takes the puck, does a gunslinger staredown with Vokun, then l Scott Hartnell looses his mind and slings his stick. Frankie nets the penalty shot with a couple of taps of the puck, game over.

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