Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello Anton!

This Just in-
Anton Babchuk is Not a Lady Byng Candidate...

Just saw this moments ago on Spector. Danny Richmond to the Blackhawks for Anton Babchuk. The teams also swapped fourth round picks in '06 and '07..

Looks like the Blackhawks get an NHL ready utility blueliner and give up a hulking prospect in the Mike Commodore mold. Since the injury to Glen Wesley, I've been ruminating in this blog about what I see as a team need for a more physical presence in the crease. A quick Google search reveals our new guy Anton is no patsy. Discipline might be an issue though. Check out this story on from last spring. Looks like Babchuk already has issues with Philly fans. This relationship might already be off to a great start.

Here's Babchuk's profile on

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