Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stuart Scott, Kovalchick, Milbury and AWard Rants (no, I'm not kidding)

I'm too sexy for my kilt, too sexy for my three chest hairs, too sexy for my utility belt...
(Note to Ilya: Even Canadians know you just don't let yourself get photographed in your paisley kilt-that stays in the privacy of your bedroom!)

Stuart Scott
He's one of the darlings of ESPN. His "Booyahs," and "Cooler than the other side of the pillow," riffs are part of the current sports lexicon. Last night he demonstrated that his sports knowledge doesn't extend much beyond the parquet, diamond and gridiron. In one highlight snippet about the Trash/Preds game, he butchered no less than three names:

  • Marek Zah-litsky
  • Ilya Koval-chick
  • Kar-a-lee Let-oh-nen

...But he did nail "Paul Kariya."

Speaking of Mr. Rocket Richard Winner, E.J. Hrakek and Don LeGreca were discussing Ilya's behavior on NHL Live this morning. Both agreed that while he was a little over the top, his emotional play probably added color to the sport. As most already know, Don Cherry disagrees. I'm with Grapes. I think Ilya talks a nice game off the ice, but on the ice the real jerk comes shining through. He's Kovalpunk, the spoiled brat. We've all seen the over-zealous fist pumping and manic celebrations after goals. His antics pissed off the 'Canes enough that usually low key Eric Staal felt obliged to return the dis. He avoids direct contact on the ice, prefering to ambush guys from behind or jump into scrums after the officials have tied up some arms (ex. last night). Yeah, he's got mad skills, but as an old coach used to say, "Act like you've been there before." AWard had him lined up last game. Damn if he didn't miss.

I guess there is a version of final justice in hockeyworld. Right after it looked like Pirhanaman, Steve Stirling, was gonna take one for all the Islanders woes, Charles Wang made a good call and tossed Mad Mike under the bus as well. Maybe Wang is not the second coming of "the Donger after all."

God the 'Canes are going to miss AWard. Last week I posted my concerns over the loss of Glen Wesley. I suggested that JR should look at making a trade for a stud blueliner and a prospect, dangling Erik Cole as bait. David of Red and Black set me straight, so I won't go down that road again. Big moves when the team is gellin' are just not wise. I suspect JR will just hold his cards unless the roof starts to fall in. It should make for some third period nail biting over the next six weeks (thank goodness for the Oly break). Mike Commodore has to stay disciplined and Andrew Hutchinson may have to actually guard somebody in the interim. Danny Richmond will probably be called up, but he's been less than studly in previous stints.


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