Thursday, January 05, 2006

We Know You're all Out There...

Lunatic fringe-we know you're all out there...
Long distance dedication time for our friends in Canada. The song is "Lunatic Fringe" and it goes out to all the Ameri-haters in BC and Quebec.

Blogger's note: Red Rider was one-hit-wonder band band from the 80's. They were Canadians, wore tight leather pants a la Loverboy, and as you can see from the period photo, they had world class mullets! Saw them twice in college. Their drummer once sat in with the Beach Boys when Dennis Wilson was off on a bender.

Time for my last call on all the political bashing. I think the USA is the greatest force for good the world has ever seen, so I honestly don't get all the venom coming from a bunch of bleeting Canadians. I guess when you take on the mantle of leadership you also have to be willing to suffer the slings and arrows of those who love to prostelatize from the safety of the world's nose bleed section. That Chinese guy facing down the tanks in Tiananmen Square or the US Army Ranger scouting the mountain passes of Afghanistan hunting for terrorists-these are the brave and principled ones. They took a stand even when it might cost them their lives. Harranging a bunch of American teens about American foreign policy from the safety of section 330 in the GM Place or Molson Center, now that's just cowardly.

As a service to our loyal readers on both sides of the world's longest undefended border, I've provided some lists below of the top political blogs in America. Bloggers in both worlds either share your views about America or would love to remind you of your kookishness. Feel free to choose a side and vent with more anonymity than you could find even at a Canadians game.

Some of the top Conservative blogs include:

Top Liberal blogs include:

Now back to hockey. Eric Staal will chat on today. If I sit in, I probably won't ask him anything about global politics.

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