Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why I Love Hockey Players Vol. II

Why yoooou--I'll Murdalize Ya!
No blood, no stitches, just a nasty noogie
photo: canoe-slam

In Volume I of this series, I reflected on a video tour of Rod Brind'Amour's Cary mansion (scroll down). I marvelled at his lack of interior design taste-especially his bed made of rough hewn lumber. Qualities I respect in a hockey player.

Volume II-The Honor Code
I love hockey players because the ones who respect the game live by an honor code. Fights happen, physical play is answered by physical play, but cheap shots are avenged. In hockey, nobody enjoys immunity from responsibility for their actions. Hockey has no equivilent to the AL pitcher who can plunk guys in the mellon at will knowing they don't have to face retribution when they enter the batters box.

If Roger Clemmons were a hockey player, he'd wear #6 and play for the Rangers. Darius Kasparitis nails Tim Connolly with vicious a hip check to the knee. He will probably face on-ice retribution when the teams next meet.

Last night we witnessed one of the truly hilarious episodes in sport-a goalie fight. According to Melissa Tee or MVN Avalanche Blog:

"Aebischer got upset because Amonte took a slap at the puck while it was under
his glove. He (Aebischer) then took a shot at Kobasew who was in the crease.
Already frustrated, and likely having seen this, Sauve skated all the way down to the Avalanche zone to pick a fight with Aebischer, who obliged him. The fight wasn’t a particularly vicious one, as the bulky equipment, not to mention Aebischer’s inability to get Sauve’s mask off, prevented any damage from being done to either party."
So much for that legendary Swiss neutrality. In most of the goalie fights I have seen, the two gladiators disrobe each other like those two girls around the fountain in that old Miller Light commercial. This fight reminded me of those folks they dress up in in inflatible Sumo costumes for between-the-period entertainment. The honor code ain't always pretty-in this case it was pretty funny.

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Pat Angello said...

Most boring goalie fight in the history of the NHL.