Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back in the Game

Moving Day errrrrr Week takes CasonBlog Offline
Took a long weekend to move the family out of the rental house and into my mother-in-law's house while we wait for our new home to be built. This time, we decided to get a P.O.D. and do the move ourselves. Seemed like a good idea at the time. It took five days.

The Weight Deal
While I was out JR made the Dougie Weight deal. I love it. Many are saying that he'll just be a rent-a-player for the remainder of the season. I'm not so sure. If he digs playing with winners and the team vibe, can live with the "Mayberry-supersized" nature of the Triangle, and thrives under the leadership of Lavvy on the Hurricane and Team USA rosters, JR may well have a shot at resigning him for next season. If he does head back to St. Louis or off to greener pastures, we'll be losing a 35+ year old winger who might have about two years left in the tank. Less than three million bucks out the door and a handfull of draft picks that can be recouped in subsequent moves is a small price to pay for a better chance at going deep in the playoffs. If this move helps bring the Cup to Raleigh and ensures hockey's future on Tobacco Road, it will all be worth it.

Signing Weight also keeps him off Ottawa's roster. Let them go after somebody like Mike Comrie. By April he'll be sleeping with Bryan Smolinski's wife and the club will melt down. You hear the name Olli Jokinen mentioned as possibly going to the Sens, but he's Mike Kenan's guy, and moving him would surely signal the blow up of that club at a time when they still hope and need to generate gate receipts.

What did we lose in the deal? Three guys with zero futures on this team, a 2006 draft pick we hope will be in the 29 or 30 spot, and some later round picks in '06 and '07. Two of those picks were banked from previous fire sale deals.

Some questions I have going into Friday's tilt with the Devils and the remainder of the season.

  • Will Weight play center or forward?
  • If Weight is to play center, what does that do to Matt Cullen's ice time when he returns?
  • Is Big Joe a write-off for the season, playoffs, and as a future member of this team?


d-lee said...

To answer your last question.... HELL NO!

JoVa is a very important piece of the puzzle. When he comes back (just before the playoffs start), we will have some experimenting to do in terms of which line to put him on. What we are really missing right now is someone to camp out in front of the net when we're on the PP. Josef has always been great for that.
It might be the case that he won't fit in because he's missed so much time. Looking ahead, however, he should be a very important part of the team. He's got one more year, and $1M on his contract. What will probably happen is the Condor comes back from injury (word is, he's already doing some "light skating"!) and LaRose goes back down to Lowell.

About the Cully thing .... no problem. He can move to the wing without issue. I would actually move Brindy down to center the third line, flanked by LaRose and Cully. Cully and LaRose are good together. I've got Dougie Fresh up on the second line flanked by Williams and Whitney. The "W" line.

Oh, and good luck with the new home!

CasonBlog said...

The six of us will be living in Grandma's 1,400 sq ft patio home until ours is ready in May. Should be cosey. I'm not sure I agree with you re: Joe's role and future. My judgement is probably clouded because I've never been impressed with Joe. I think he plays too soft for such a huge and athletic guy. If he can come back and own the slot a la Holstrom, I think he might play a vital role. If not, we can always cut a deal with the Blackhawks...