Monday, February 20, 2006

Come On USA-Just Finish!

photo: usa hockey
He Came to Play...Just Hope He Stays
Caught most of the weekend games involving Team USA. I was Canada-challenged beyond the first two periods vs. Switzerland. Looks like they are more challenged. In my pre-Oly prognostication, I said I was looking forward to watching the Team USA forward corps. Yeah, they buzz around real nice. Jason Blake can't hit anything but dasher and pipe. Keith Thachuck is banging all over the place, but rarely is in position to take a shot. Gomez and Gionta are trying like crazy to make things happen, but don't have a lot to show for the effort. How many times have you cringed in frustration right after they blew a great scoring chance? It's been at least four-score for me.

Talk about nothing to show for some herculean effort-Erik Cole has been the best player on the ice for Team USA. Just couldn't stop JD from gushing about him all game yesterday. Colesy is drawing penalties on breakaways and making beautiful passes that others don't finish. I think his NHL rep was working against him with Dan Marouelli yesterday when he went flying after a clear trip along the side-boards. That should have been called.

Is it just me, or did/do/does...

  • John-Michael Liles make a lot of dumb and dangerous passes in the defensive zone?
  • Rick DiPietro over-commit when he slides across the crease so that he's routinely out of position?
  • Chris Chelios just keep getting punk'd along the boards. (the slash to the back of his skate vs. Slovakia comes to mind)
  • I just see the faces of Bill Guerin and Mark Parrish on milk cartons in the local stop-n-rob?


Michael said...

No, it is not just you. I think Chelios took a dive 2 times in that game especially with that slashing call.

Stormbringer said...

Oh ho ho...Chelly took a dive or two, eh? Well then, that makes his comments two or three years ago about who are the biggest divers in the NHL even more-so BS. Unfortunately, I can't find the article, but he cited the following as the top three worst divers:

1. Paul Kariya

2. Ron Francis

3. Peter Forsberg

Kariya and Forsberg I might can see, BUT RONNIE?!?! I know I am biased as all get out about the man, but I remember even those not nearly as biased about The Ron agreeing with me that Chelios was totally full of it when saying such crapola about #10.

AND Chelly STILL is full of it now that he has become quite the dive artist himself...