Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Evidence of the Global Sports Culture Divide

photo: about.com
Laker Girls Need Not Worry About Their Job Security
I've been watching these gals undulating in the isles at the hockey games in Torino. They don't really seem to cheer lead-they just kind of bob up and down with pom poms.

These uniforms also look like some cross between a Roman Centurian costume and something Elizabeth Hurley might have worn in the first Austin Powers movie. Not terribly sexy-very 60's. Looks like only one Slovak is even paying attention. You drop a couple of real live Laker Girls on these sons of Slovakia, and they'll quickly forget they came to watch Peter Bondra and friends.

Note to Torino organizers: Real, modern cheerleaders only come in two varieties-the ones that do unbelievable aerobatic and human stacking routines during breaks in the action, and those who don Daisy Dukes and grind and bump to hip hop during breaks in the action. Scrawny little girls who clog aisles during the action, and bob at half speed, do not qualify.


Michael said...

Those colors are supposed to be neutral so that they don't have colors that appear to favor any country's flag.

Beautiful women and hockey just go together, don't they? ;)

Stormbringer said...

Neutral?! Those unis wouldn't be that if China had a team...

Speaking of China, if those cheerleader outfit sleeves were shorter, they'd look like one of the crappier outfits Chun-Li wore in most of the post-Street Fighter 2 SF games.

CasonBlog said...

What a waste of perfectly good polyester.