Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Feeding Frenzy Gone Bad

Going into the weekend, the news was nearly all bad for the Gretzky's. It looked like he might not survive the weekend as a member of the Canadian Hockey, NHL or International hockey communities, and she might not survive in his good graces. I listed a bunch of damning Web headlines on Friday, but The Sporting News', Kara Yario, had the one I thought jumped quickest to final judgement-"Gretzky must step down."

Over the weekend the story evolved a bit. First it was a report from NJ that wiretaps seem to confirm Gretzky's description of events. Then well-placed hockey pundits starting jumping to the Great One's Defense (Buccigross, Grapes, McKenzie).

Today, the whole tone of the story has changed. Journalists who last week were ready to rig the guillotine outside the Glendale Arena, now want to be first in line to decry the injustice done to the man-the institution. Yario, who called for Gretzky's head on Friday, now wants to talk about allowing checking in women's Olympic play. No mention of Gretz. Got to hand it to the MSM. They can jump off a story just as quick as they pile on.

What continues to bug me is that media hyenas in the arenas of sports, politics, and culture lose all sense of ethical restraint when a story possibly involving famous people, political intrique, human tragedy, or lots of money drops in their lap. The push to be first drives them to speaking in themes vice examining details. I think their first impulse is to hammer out a sensationalist theme that they think might have legs, and then pursue angles that best reinforce their chosen theme. This keeps them in the news by association. Egotistical little bastages.

A pox on the house of MSM. I think the end result will be a Team Canada empowered throughout these Olympics by the elixer of "It's us against the world."


The Acid Queen said...

Just once, I'd like to see a mediot involved in this say "Hey, you know what? I was wrong. Sorry."

It'd be the first time in a long time.

CasonBlog said...

At best, they might print a retraction on page D 24.