Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Garth on NHL Live

I used to love this guy when he was a guest on Mike Solarte's 850 radio show. Garth took a nice swipe at Don Waddell today on NHL Live. EJ Hradek tried his best to disrupt the rant (isn't EJ a bit over-the-top and boorish?), but Garth still got off a nice salvo at Waddell's methods and final choice of goalies for Torino. I've always liked his kind of Don Cherry meets Hulk Hogan presence and delivery. Every adult league team I've played with has at least one Garth in the locker room. Guys like that make the culture of hockey a great refuge for manly men, who do manly things in manly ways... (HT to Michael Palin).

Yeah, he dropped in a shameless plug for right at the end. Everybody seems to keep an Eklund voodoo doll close by, and he attracts a lot of venom. But just like all of you, I still find myself checking his site during my daily scan. Going to hockeybuzz is like picking your nose-we all think it's disgusting and beneath us, but in the secret of our DSL connections, we check the site out just about every day.

I agree with Garth. Ryan Miller ought to be the go-to guy for Team USA. At the time the selections were made, Miller was coming off an injury, so you can kind of understand Waddell's logic. Garth asserted that Waddell was bitter at Darcy Regier (and thus Miller by association) for not working a deal when the ATL needed help in goal. EJ kind of gave Garth that point. Right now Miller's the #1 US goalie available, but it looks like USA Hockey politics and inter-GM protocol might cost us next week in Torino.

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