Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Millenials Talk Hockey

Millenials is the term marketers use to describe the new breed of teens to twenties. They are socially conscious, adept networkers, and more engaged and open with their parents.

So anyway, I'm at the rink last night for a little stick and puck, and I'm sharing the locker room with a bunch of prep-school millenials. The boys start talking NHL hockey. First one says, "Can you believe the F'n (millenial dialog is sprinkled with "F-bombs," "Dudes" and "likes") Carolina Hurricanes lead the East? They're like a bunch of nobody's. Nobody sees them, nobody cares about them." Another says, "They'll choke in the playoffs just like they do every year." Millenial #3 then chimes in, "Who's like their captain? Like Rod Brind 'Amour? Who the hell is he? Who's ever heard of him?" The oldest of the gaggle, then says, "Yeah, they're nothing without F'n Ron Francis. The only reason they made it to the Cup finals a few years ago was F'n Francis." The first millenial then finishes the exercise in group-think with, "Dude, who's like gonna beat the Wings anyway? Like the Predators? No F'n way. Like who the hell are they?

The conversation ends with consensus on the superiority of the Hockeytown machine and the boys move on to talking about who signed up first for a private session.

Moral of the story-Win a few F'N Cups, and like the mere aura of your legacy might trump reality among impressionable youth, age 11-29.


The Acid Queen said...


Proof that the youth of America are being dumbed-down more and more with each passing year.

Jeff J said...

Like, OMG, I fear SO MUCH for the future!

CasonBlog said...

Deep thoughts are a reach for many millenials. These boys will grow up to be Coyotes fans and go to games to be seen, not to see.