Friday, February 10, 2006

Millions of photos to choose from. ESPN and CBC put this one front and center on their Websites.

What do you think? Was this pic chosen to show a righteously indignant innocent man and hockey legend, or an accused gambler, possible mob co-conspirator and celebrity about to plunge off the ledge?

Sample headlines from Friday afternoon on the Web show that the media is already moving past Rick Tocchet in pursuit of a much bigger fish:

FSN: Stay Away Wayne!

TSN: Gretzky: "I've done nothing wrong"

CBC: Games brace for Gretzky's arrival

Hockey News: Gretzky won't step down

Slam: Gretzky: "I'm innocent"

SI: Tough Spot

The Sporting News: Gretzky must step down -and- Gretzky already tainted


Michael said...

This is somewhat comparable to when Time magazine had darkend up OJ Simpson's mugshot for their cover years ago.

Sensationalism at it's finest!

James Mirtle said...

What's a better three-word headline than what Slam has there?

CasonBlog said...

The rush to crucify Gretz seems to have been sidetracked a bit by the news today that the wiretap info seems corroborate The Great One's story. I still can't get over the idea of somebody having $500K to play with on sports betting. Where and when do folks who grow up in environments where financial matters are driven by sacrifice common sense decision making make the jump to throwing 'uge (for our New York audiences)amounts of cash around on coin flip bets? It's hard to sympathize with folks who live that kind of lifestyle.