Friday, February 10, 2006

Screech and Joey Buttafuco are on the Air in Tampa

Mishkin? Mishkin? Wasn't he the guy that let in Eruzione's GW Goal in '80?

While I never hesitate to drop bombs on the Thrashers and the way they grandstand and thug-up games, I've never had anything but respect for the Lightning. They play up-tempo, and with a nice balance of physicality and finesse-much like this year's 'Canes. I can stomach Thrashers color guy, Darren Eliot. He's a homer, but he'll still call out Ilya Kovalchuk when he dogs it on "D."

Driving around last night, I searched in vain for Chuck Kaiton on the Sirius radio, and had to endure the Mishkin/Espo broadcast team. These knuckleheads spent as much time whining about referee mistakes as they did calling the flow of the game. God they suck. Espo sounds like a some old guy in a wife-beater t-shirt, kicking back in his lazy boy recliner, seven beers into a twelve-pack, griping and grumbling incoherently more to himself than anybody else in the room. The only diversion from homer propaganda I heard last night was an Espo rant directed towards Darryl Sydor. It kind of went like this: "That was terrrible. Just terrible. What are you doing Sydor? Agnes, get me my smokes and another beer." And that little weasel Mishkin-in a nanosecond, he goes from the monotone delivery of Chris Schenkel calling a Pro Bowler's Association event, to some lathered up Hamas protester at a "Today we hate the Danes more than Jews" rally.

The Mishkin SCREEEEEEECH is particularly annoying. He screeches at nearly every save made by a goalie. The final straw for me was the screeeech that accompanied the empty net goal at the end of regulation. Who screams at an empty net goal when you are already up a goal?

Chuck Kaiton is class in the radio booth. He just calls a balanced game and screws nicely with the pronunciation of Czech and Slovak names (Mal-eck Mal-eek, Rah-zim Vuh-Bada). The Lightning tandem of Screech and Joey Buttafuco truly pale in comparison. Champions on the ice-bush league in the booth.


John F. said...

For the sake of saying so, it's a fad in Tampa Bay to bitch out the refs right now. Espo and Mishkin are bad and Bobby Taylor (SunSports TV color man) is int eh same boat... He can point to the Refs failings more often than cover the game...

CasonBlog said...

John - I couldn't believe how over-the-top Mishkin and Espo were. Do folks in Tampa dig Mishkin's screech? Grahame looked very tough the last few games. I hope he gets a nod in Torino ahead of DiPietro.