Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tough Day for Us New Worlders

In Canada
Look later tonight for some serious post-olympics angst and scapegoating in all media eminating from The Great White North. It's Canada's Game, eh? Not today hoser. Release the hoooouuunds!

In Those Parts of the USA not Glued to American Idol or Figure Skating
Look for some bitching about how Team USA was run from some in the media and maybe a few of those players left on the bench at crunch time today. Think a few might not have liked the tongue lashing they got in the first period?

9:23 pm UPDATE-Modano is already bitching

Think you might hear some carping about the two 'Canes (Dougie Weight and Eric Cole) being on the ice for about the last minute-and-a-half?

Dumb penalties kill-Gomez and Tkachuk should know better.

The Good News:
Millions of folks outside the FSN South broadcast area now know who Erik Cole is.

That little bug Gionta is gonna be the next Marty St. Louis.

The stars of the past will have faded away by the time the next Olympics comes around. Look for guys like Cole, Gionta, and Ryan Leopold to lead a lethal next generation Team USA that will include guys like Jack Johnson, Bobby Ryan, Ryan Suter, Zack Parise, and maybe Phil Kessel.

Looks like no Hurricanes got hurt-Everybody but Frankie Kaberle will have a few extra days to rest up.

The Bad News:
Team USA never really jelled. Yeah, they weren't picked by most to medal, but I don't think anybody expected them to stink up the joint. Lavvy has received nothing but love this season. He deserves a good portion of the blame for this fiasco.

My predictions are ruined. No Canada-No Slovakia.

My wife is gonna want to watch American Idol tonight.


Stormbringer said...

I am a firm believer that American Idol will be the ruin of mankind.

I hope your wife doesn't read your blog...or at least this response...


CasonBlog said...

She knows and indulges my ranting. We don't have TIVO or PIP, so at least she can't subject me to the one-two death blow of Idol and foo foo skating tonight.

IwoCPO said...

My wife watched it too. Thankfully, I'd had a long day of clicking "refresh" to tire me out.