Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yee Haw, We Tied Lithulatstonia!

Irbe to assembled media: "Screw Moose and Squirrel. We Just Punk'd Uncle Sam!"

ARRRGH! We can't beat Boris and Natasha! Team USA just kissed their ugly step-sister, and she's a dimunitive goalie with Soviet-era pads who just happened to make 39 F'n saves.

Somebody better keep Tka-chunk away from the all-you-can-eat pasta and Sangria bar tonight. You know he tends to binge when he's depressed. Chelly might have to crank up the Olympic Village dorm destruction blowout keg party a week early. I hear Bodie Miller has already RSVP'd.

Ok, if this *!&$*%$#*?! continues, this third-generation Slovene will be jumping on the Team Slovakia bandwagon by the weekend.


Stormbringer said...

It's a little too early to say "I told ya so.", but so far, Team USA is very much meeting my expectations of not being all that, unlike how the mediots AND the Canes were hyping them up to be. And don't get me wrong: As much as I want Team USA to do well for Lavy, Cole, Weight, Hedican, and Chris Huffine's (the Canes' video coordinator) sakes, at the same time, I don't see Team USA doing all that well with the presences of Hatcher, Tkachunk, and Chelios. Especially considering how the latter is captain...I don't care if he led the US of A to the Silver in 2002, he's one of the last people I would think of to fill the Captain position.

At the risk of getting killed by someone, I was actually kind of pulling for Latvia to win. Of course, it helps that I picked them over USA for the upset bid in a score/win prediction deal in which I participate.

*whistles and runs away*

The Acid Queen said...

What's taking you so long, dude? I've been on the Team Italy bandwagon since before this whole thing started. :D

CasonBlog said...

Looks like the teams who been playing together consistently are stealing the early initiative-including those pesky Lithulatstones. David Abischer was a stud for Team Suisse this morning. The Czechs seemed bent on individual expression and overly artful passing. One replay I saw had Abischer sprawled on the ice while the Czechs did a perimeter passing drill.