Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bad Programming

Had to talk with a Sirius sales rep the other day. Had some system update that went bad and needed them to re-activate my car radio. Sales-guy was pleased to offer me the new Playboy channel as part of my package. I said, "Don't you think the whole Playboy experience loses much of its appeal without the visual element?" I declined. If I want porn on the radio, I'll get it the old fashioned way-with Howard Stern. Playboy on Sirius Satellite radio-a bad programming idea and a doomed venture from the start.

Last night, the only Center Ice game still on when things settled down in the CasonBlog household was the Blackhawks v. Dinner Jax. What a miserable game. There's a reason these two squads are in the basement. No puck control. Power plays that didn't even penetrate the blueline. Jody Shelley scoring???? Radim Vrbata avoiding contact and making blind passes across the center of the ice. Khabibulin looked good-Calder played with a lot of heart. The rest of them were dead men skating.

Oh well, There's always the scheduling geniuses at OLN. I still have two more Penguins games to look forward to (I think they're on eight times this season). Maybe they'll dump the 'Canes/Sabers game and switch back to that season closing Blackhawks/Blues game. I wish the Craps were playing the Pens on the last day of the season. Then OLN's all-Crosby, all-Ovechkin, all-the-time coverage could close with an appropriate finale.

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