Friday, March 03, 2006

Commercial Free Center Ice

Razor Sporting the Nice Fabio Comb-Back
photo:dallas stars
Back in the day, you could listen to the old Tony Kornheiser show via Internet stream and they would keep the feed live during radio commercial breaks. The break-time dialog was better than the screened for public consumption stuff. Kornheiser was profane, he would argue with the production staff, he would mock the guests, and best of all he would talk to the online listener like they were in on the bit.

Last night's Dallas/Phoenix game on Center Ice came into my living room without any commercials. You got to hear part of the off-air dialog as they planned their transitions in and out of breaks. While I tried to feed the kids and get them ready to hit the rack, I listened to see if there were any choice and not-ready-for-primetime stuff said during these offline portions of the broadcast. I didn't hear anything other than a lot of good natured banter. Any of you hear anything I missed?

I really like listening to Darryl Reaugh. He's as wired off mike as on. And he comes across as a fan more than an analyst. He's kind of Garth on Ritalin. He's far more entertaining and likeable than the Craps, Craig Laughlin, who has a similar approach. As they went to one break, he kept talking to the production crew about the fight that immediately preceeded the break.

At times on Center Ice you will see the broadcast crew live as they prepare to go on the air. They mostly look nervous, intense and overly concerned with the fall of their collar and their tie position. I think Razor is as loose on air as off. Yeah, he had Mikey Modano between periods and lobbed him some softball questions (didn't ask him anything about Torino other than play on the different ice dimension). So be it. He's a homer and a fan.

All in all a fun night of hockey watching. I found it refreshing to miss the standard slate of the same 4-5 commericals every break on FSN.

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Stormbringer said...

My brother and I once caught an Anaheim FSN game without commercials back around the first week of the 2002-03 season, when Center Ice did their free week...and we nearly laughed off our butts. IIRC, during the breaks, the announcers would talk about how they couldn't wait for the opportunity to grab something from the snack bar. And you know who that is reminiscent of... :D

That said, my brother and I have constantly talked about how we would love to catch John and Tripp without commercials one night, especially now that we actually depend upon Center Ice for our Canes/hockey fix. I'm *very willing* to bet that John and Tripp are as much, if not more fun to listen to "off the air" than on.