Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How to Deal with the Orpik Affair

Yeah, a mere three games for this cheap hit sucks, but now is the time to turn this adversity into an opportunity.

It's "us against the world" time in the Triangle. I hope the club, and the entire Canic Nation, will start to treat the NHL's handling of the Orpik affair as an injustice born of arrogance and disdain (sound familiar Wings minions?). We don't get no respect in the hockey world. We're small market. We're just those old loveable loser Whalers.

Fixating on and rehashing the injustice alone won't do. Talk is cheap. The true test is whether this setback brings out the best in all who want to bring the Cup to Raleigh. If it yields more, and more vocal fans for that mid-week game, that will send a message. If it means the 'Canes start dropping the hammer on the Exelbys, Brashears, and Witt's of the league, I think you'll see adversity turned into opportunity.

The boys did come out and hammer the Rangers through two periods. Andrew Ladd came to play-and play hard. I liked what I saw last night until they went into the prevent defense in the third. Philly will be another physical challenge and a great showcase for a club rebounding with a vengence.

I hope Colesy takes the time to do his rehab right. I think the fire that burns in his belly will drive him to try and get back sooner rather than later. He'll find a way to suit up come playoff time. He may hobble around like Kirk Gibson in a halo, but he'll want to be part of the fray.


Michael said...

Thank you for not giving in to the bloodthirsty militant "canidiots" who were in force to run a smear campaign against the Penguins and Orpik.

I think it goes unsaid that the most reasonable Penguins fans among us were all concerned for Mr. Cole first and foremost.

We all hope that Eric Cole makes a complete recovery.

CasonBlog said...

Mike-I have to admit to being outraged by the hit and the subsequent lack of remorse from Oprik. When I hear the 'Canes players say it was a dirty hit from a guy who they know as a dirty player, I tend to side with my guys first. I'm also frankly pissed that our guys didn't go Josey Wales on Ryan Malone or somebody after the hit. Commodore v. Roy didn't cut it.

'Canes fans remember the questionable, bordering downright cheap hits from Scott Stevens in the '01 playoff series that basically iced Ron Francis and Shane Willis. When stuff like the Orpik affair happens, it makes us see deep dark red.

I take your comment in the spirit given and agree with you. I don't like venom in blogging. I like how everybody's blog reflects their personality and approach to their craft. There's room in the pool for all takes. Her majesty is passionate and her style is over-the-top. I've played C-League hockey with at least 30 Acid Queens and Garth's. Their real hockey fans and what my grandma called, "plain speeking."

I personally dig the sense of community here in hockeyblogdom and don't want to turn the flamethrower on folks whose opinions I respect and want to invite. Now I don't mind taking jabs at folks-especially Wings, Craps, and if you can find them, Thrash devotees-but raw venom is best saved for political blogging.

IwoCPO said...

Dammit..."going Josey Wales" is a good line. I'm gonna steal it, use it and take credit for it. Just giving you a heads-up.

CasonBlog said...

Not sure how that one came to me. If making absurd associations is a gift, well I'm gifted.