Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Icecat Hockey in Championship Chase

Icecats School Texas Tech 13-nil
(where's your Bobby Knight now?)

photo: Ben Kirkby
Banner year for Coach Leo Golembiewski's Arizona Icecat hockey club. A 21 win season, key late season wins over Satan's Tempe minions, 53 goals in the last four games, and consectutive double-digit victories over in-state rival Northern Arizona last weekend.

The Icecats journey to the hockey mecca of West Chester, PA for the start of the American Collegiate Hockey Association national championship tournament. Thursday's first round opponent will be St. Louis' own, Lindenwood University.

In anticipation of the slags I sense inbound, the ACHA doesn't just include truck driver training academies and cosmotology schools. The association is rather large with multiple divisions. Many major universities participate at the Division I level including clubs at Cornell, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and the Naval Academy.

Icecat hockey is a solid draw in Tucson, and games against Arizona State usually bring out the worst in players and fans both in Tempe and at the Madhouse on Main Street, otherwise known as the Tucson Civic Center.

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