Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Roddy for the Hart Push is ON!

Good Thing it's Not a Beauty Contest...
The Hockey News has a nice cover and inside read that makes a case for Roddy winning the Hart Trophy. Mediots still seem to be in Jagr's camp. Only Ovechkin takes more shots than Jagr. If the Hart should go to the biggest gunner in the league, give it to Jagr or Ovechkin.

Roddy's a force on and off the ice in so many ways. His lunch pail guy work ethic sets the standard for the whole team. He takes and wins the critical face-offs, he kills penalties, works the PP, and is also the leading contender right now for recognition as the league's best defensive forward.

He's never been a prima donna. He's not a 6' 3" and 245 lb Fabio clone. He has no history of being shopped around at every trade deadline, signing big contracts that he doesn't live up to, mailing it in when he get's bored, or growing a garish mullet. Rod replaced a legend in Ron Francis and molded a team that was a laughing stock into one that is now in the hunt for the President's Trophy. To me the choice for who is the league's "most valuable" is clear.

A sweet quote from AWard in the article says it all about Cap'n Roddy:

“When it comes to promoting himself in the media, you won't find him,” Hurricanes defenseman Aaron Ward said. “When it comes to promoting himself in any circle around the game, you won't see him. You want to see him? Go look in the weight room. Go look in the shower room where he sits and prepares and meditates before games. Go look in the video room. He doesn't really care about what accolades he gets.”

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Stormbringer said...

Quite unfortunately, if I was a betting person, I'd go with Jagr getting the Hart...simply because of all of the fawning the mediots are doing over the guy. Nine times out of ten, the player getting the most media talk often gets whatever trophy they're slated to get. At least Rod's got a slight edge with getting in The Hockey News...

Speaking of Jagr...I have to note that it's post-Francis Pens/Craps/Ranjerks Jagr I can't stand. Just like with Jeff O'Neill, Ronnie had this uncanny ability to to keep Jagr and his ego in check. And I'm sure having Ron around was a great help with Lemieux proven by the Lemieux-Francis-Jagr line easily being THE most kickass hockey line in the mid 90's.

The Acid Queen said...

Hail to the Warchief!

CasonBlog said...

He's probably the only guy in the running with a rustic Lincoln Log bedroom set. If that doesn't reeek of machismo, I don't know what does.