Friday, March 17, 2006

San Antonio Bound and Barrista Culture Rant

Sound the Deguello, we're heading to Texas!
Hi all-CasonBlog will be hitting the road tomorrow for San Antonio. Kids are off on spring break, and the wife has ordered me out of the blogcave and behind the wheel. Unlike our last trip across West Texas that included the six of us, Grandma, the Schnauzer, and an aged mini-van, just the core klan will be heading out in the Pacifica (a European-sytle luxury SUV, a kind of everyman's Mercedes, and NOT a mini-van) sans two of our previous passengers.

On the Agenda: Six Flags, the zoo, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, probably a Chuck-e-Cheeze, and a quick jaunt up to UT Austin to check out the competition. Any suggestions on a dining spot to replace pizza with the dancing robo-rat?

Barrista culture rant
This has bugged me-long time. I like coffee. I discovered the wonderful beverage in the Navy when it was usually the highlight of an otherwise mind-numbingly boring day at sea. I do not like this movement towards Fou-Fou Coffee parlors. A pox of Starbucks and all who have created the coffee-like beverages that are rapidly replacing good old coffee.

I hate waiting in line for somebody to order some double shot, machiato, upside down, bada bing, bada boom latte when all I want is a friggin' cup of coffee. When I get to the front, I have to try and remember that Vente' means XL (or does it?). When I order a plain old cup of coffee, I always feel like the guy that orders a burger in a fine restaurant. How gauche. Give somebody the nonsensical title, "Barrista," and they think they are culture cops.

I also hate how the Boheme slackers who seem to live in coffee houses turn the final coffee prep process into a sort of combination basketball box out and performance art session. Like basketball, there needs to be a three second rule at the counter. Unpoliced, these beret, scarf and Birkenstock clad philospher/Old Navy sales associates basically camp out for minutes at a time in front of the condiments counter. Got to have just the right mix of fat free cream, raw sugar, cinamon, and nutmeg or cocoa. The blocking foul continues while they carefully swizzle-stick their hellish creation. Only when they think they've performed all the requisite steps of this delicate dance do they move on and back to their laptops.

The week ahead
'Canes are on the road against the Bruins, Leafs and Sabers before returning home to face those Southeast teams they just can't seem to beat. Good week to be away. The week after next should be interesting. The Sabers game is game #2 on back-to-back nights and should be a good test of how the 'Canes handle the fatigue factor. They crashed and burned against the Panthers last weeked, and as I blogged the other day, they haven't done well this season on back-to-back games. The Sabers have the previous night off.

I hope the boys use being on the road this week to fully integrate Recchi, Babchuk and Weight into the fraternity. I didn't see much resiliency last night in the Habs. A flurry at the start of the third, then the 'Canes buried them. Only Craig Rivet seemed to take it personally.


Bill Purdy said...

"...a European-sytle luxury SUV, a kind of everyman's Mercedes, and NOT a mini-van."

That's the fanciest description of a mini-van I have ever seen!

CasonBlog said...

Bill, Bill, Bill. In Barrista world there are no such things as minivans. Too mundane. "European-style luxury SUV" is Barrista speak. Get with it man!

Bill Purdy said...

OK. I'm working on it. Tell me how I am doing:

Soap: "Sweet Water Hand Wash"

Blue jeans = "Outback Dungarees"

Trash can = "Ergonomically-designed Butterfly Step Can"

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

I totally dig your rant, but the barrista culture tends to be a bit more corporate in Vancouver than Seattle. There is also not lexicon that I know of, other than the usual coffee terms like half-caf, venti, breve (half and half creme), double-pump, etc.

If I am paying $5 for a latte, you can be sure that I'm going to ask for everything under the sun.