Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So Much for My Fresh Take on Jack Johnson

But JR, there's a huge kegger this weekend at the Delta house!
I'd started to turn the corner on the prospect of Jack Johnson joining the 'Canes for the playoffs. His bestus buddy made the jump right to the NHL, and maybe the time was ripe for Jack to get on with it. Just being around a team involved in a Cup run might give JJ a sense of what it means to compete at this level. TSN has put this emerging story to rest, at least for this season.

I image the JR/JJ lunch meeting as kind of like Darth Vader trying to talk Luke Skywalker into joining him on the dark side. "Jaaaack you know you want the bling, the Escalade, the Roddy Brind 'Amour rough hewn split rail bachelor's love pit, the Southern Chickas squealing at you like a you were Clay Aiken (oops, scratch that last one). Join us Jaaaack, commit to the sightless eye and embrace your destiny." Chhurrrrrrrr (simulated Darth Vader breathing - the text version).

Alright Jack, go on back to Meeecheeegan. Terrorize the CCHA for one more year. We'll be waiting...

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