Monday, March 27, 2006

Southeast Smack-Down

Death Valley, Texas-Size!
Hi all-Back in the Blogcave after the San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg cross-Texas 2x trek. If you've never driven across West Texas, you haven't missed much. It is mind-numbing. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, but from Sonora to El Paso it's all dustbowl. I say give that part of Texas back to the Comanches (or the Mexicans).

'Canes v. Craps
Saturday night tilt. First night back home after the roadie. God am I sick of excuses John and Trip make whenever we play the Craps. Team AOL is in the middle of an eight-game nosedive, and we get 'em on their rebound night. All of a sudden, Ollie Kolzig is Mr. Vezina for a day. The Craps have figured out how to beat the Hurricanes. They hustle their asses off every shift, play the body and just keep throwing the puck on net.

Like David pointed out the other day, no 'Cane presence in front of the net. The only guy I saw screening was AWard (continuing to be the stud on D). Eric Staal looks tired and frustrated. I know he's played in every game this year, but even an iron man could use a Swedish massage and a few days in the Jacuzzi.

"Jimmie" in Raleigh emailed NHL Live this morning badmouthing Mark Recchi, and to some extent, Doug Weight. Yeah, Recchi hasn't tallied a point yet, but he's definitely hustling and making plays-Ditto Dougie. IMHO, Recchi was about the only Carolina player making crisp passes Saturday night.

Tonight will be a huge test. Tampion Bay is hungry and grinding to get into the playoffs. Gut check night. How do the 'Canes play coming off a bad loss to the Craps? Like Staal, Justin Williams looks frustrated to me-Ditto Matt Cullen. Will we see Big Joe?

The boys need an infusion of fish oil or something heart-healthy. Hope they come out flying and keep it on afterburner-cause you know the Magic Munchkin and crew believe they have our number.


JP said...

Olie was also Mr. Vezina for the entire 1999-2000 season, so he's not just some random skating around with a horseshoe up his arse.

And make sure to check out this picture from Saturday night's game.

CasonBlog said...

Come on, Ovechkin as South Park Jesus? Howevuh, Leonsis does kind of look like their Satan...

The Acid Queen said...

You gotta remember, CB--the 'Canes fans that shows like NHL Live et. al. "showcase" are by and large the drooling mouthbreathers that don't know jack about hockey--you know, the same people that get pissed off if a fight doesn't break out in a game.

"Jimmie" was probably the same assbaguette that sat behind me at one game after the Weight trade and screamed "WHERE'S BOULERICE?!" in my ear all game.

CasonBlog said...

I bet even Jesse is wondering where Boulerice is right about now.