Sunday, April 30, 2006

CJAD Radio and "Twigs"

CJAD Habs Radio
I was listening to Friday's game #4 on the Sirius radio driving home from work Friday evening. First time I've heard Murray Wilson and Rick Moffat call a game. Interestingly divergent styles. Wilson definitely blows no sunshine. He calls the Habs out when he sees a breakdown-almost to the point of sounding morose. Moffat has a great radio presence. He doesn't scream like that moron in Tampa (Hello, Mishkin), but he does a great job of building tension and paying it off when the Habs make plays.

One of the recurring topics of the first period of Game #4 was the plethora of shattered sticks. I think I heard Murray Wilson remark that Mathieu Danenault broke three in the first period alone. Jeff over at SISU has a bit of commentary about sticks breaking, and it reminded me of something I've been wondering about all season.

Why don't announcers say something to the effect of, "Danenault just broke his third damn brittle-ass, Swooshtika Vapor stick!" They never tell the listener outright the brand of stick. Is there some kind of legal restriction that forces them to remain mum? Or is it just not "cricket" to dis a paying sponsor who provides shoddy equipment? Wilson even suggested that Bob Gainey should require his penalty killers to use wooden sticks only. With a name like "Murray," he has to be old school.

You want to get rich quick, invent a hockey stick made out of that mercury-like stuff that the bad terminator in Terminator 2 was made of. You'd have a stick that could heal itself...and then maybe change into a spear or a scythe for Denis Gauthier's use.

Game #5 Observations:
Mike Commodore is showing poise with the puck, making superb outlet passes, and showing timely bursts of speed with the puck. I've been real impressed with his play in this series.

Alex Kovalev still scares the piss out of me whenever he has the puck. The 'Canes have done a pretty good job of taking away his space. Tonight, they gave him a bit too much at the end of the second period.

Matt Cullen seems to have benefitted from being around Kevyn Adams this season. His motor goes at the same breakneck rpm, and he fears man nor wall. But unlike KAd who specializes in slick backhanders from impossible angles, Cullen has a wicked hard shot-evidence his PP goal tonight and his wrist-shot to the neck of Huet.

The PK let the Habs down again tonight. 'Canes took advantage of the opportunities they got, and Cam did the rest. He even got a piece of Kovalev's wicked wrister in the second. The boy is in a zone. Nuh, nuh, the puck Cammy, be the puck.

Game #6 Tuesday. My advice for the Habs-stay in a Holiday Inn Express Monday night.

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