Monday, April 03, 2006

A Cure for the Hurricanes Recent 500 Level Play

Adam Duritz-The White Anson Carter?
I've been kind of the angry guy lately. No fun to watch the 'Canes oscillate between squeeker wins and crushing losses. I'm cranky by the end of the first period, and snippy with the wife and kids the rest of the night.

I haven't wanted to much blog either. I don't like wallowing in negative. This is supposed to be fun. Like we used to say in the Navy, If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. It must really suck to be a Bruins blogger.

Saturday, I discovered a possible solution. All it took was a little Steely Dan, some pre-power ballad Chicago, a splash of Counting Crows, and a sprinkle of Van Morrison in the CD changer. I grabbed an adult beverage (or three), sat in the big chair, let the dulcet tones sink in for around twenty minutes. And then, and only then, did I switch on the ATL debacle and watch it with the sound off. Wow! I could carry on a conversation during the game. I could interact with my kids. I was still dad-not the grumpy troll under the bridge.

How could I get mad at cute 'lil Cam Ward when Van was signing about Tupelo honey? A Slava Kozlov deflection in the third puts the final nail in the 'Canes coffin? No problem. By that time I was listening to Adam Duritz wail, "Its been a long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last..." Yes Adam, this year is already better than the last.

Big Joe is back tonight. I hope that provides a bit of spark and edge. Carolina desperately needs a big body banging in the corners and clogging the front of the net.

And if things aren't going well, that will be Ok too. I'll have Tears for Fears cued up and I'll already be listening to tasty tracks from their latest album with titles like, "Call Me Mellow," and "Closest Thing to Heaven."

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