Monday, April 24, 2006

Down but not out...yet

Somebody fit the fat lady for cement shoes
I missed the first period tonight-thank God. In the second period, I saw desparation, energy, creativity and good old Hurricanes '06 hockey. In the third, I saw the trend continue until the D let them down yet again.

The 'Canes are a team with character and a ton of heart. I don't doubt that even now. It almost seemed as if the Habs were in the rope-a-dope mode waiting for the 'Canes to make a mistake. They got their mistake and took advantage.

I can live with the Habs winning the series, so long as the boys go down flying, hitting and leaving it all on the ice. If the season ends with the 'Canes playing only four more games than the non-playoff teams, I can live with it. It will suck. Nothing replaces a Stanley Cup. The only real negative memory that would endure is one of them quitting. I don't think they'll quit.

Now they have nothing to lose. Let er rip 'Canes. Play like there is no tomorrow and it'll be a memorable series no matter what.

Doug Weight is bringing it-ditto Mark Recchi. Kevyn Adams brings it every night. Roddy can't do more than he's doing. Eric Staal on the point was a mistake.

Looking long term a little early
Cam Ward is gonna get his baptism of fire this series. We'll know in a week more about our goalie of the future. Andrew Ladd brought it tonight. He looked like a rookie-gripping the stick a little tight-but I would leave him in the lineup for the duration. Oleg Tverdovsky is dead to me, and probably his team mates.


The Acid Queen said...

If I see one more fan pissing and moaning and crying that the series is over, I swear I'm going to snap and go on a mad shooting spree.

CasonBlog said...

Lots of drama last night. I got my money's worth. The building drama will make the comeback all the more sweet. Now the boys get away from RBC, away from parent/teacher conferences and honey-dos, and rediscover some chemistry. They are pros, it's not too much to expect them to act like pros in the face of adversity.

Lots of moaning about the absence of Erik Cole. The semi-faithful need to drop that lament and move on. That being said, Ryder plays a very Colesy style of hockey, eh?