Friday, April 28, 2006

A Hint of Bitterness?

From last night's TSN feature:

Rod Brind'Amour scored the game-winner and the unpopular Justin
Williams had two points as the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Montreal
Canadiens 3-2 on Friday night. The Hurricanes' second straight win on Montreal ice evened the best-of-seven Eastern Conference series 2-2 and allowed them to steal back home ice advantage as they return to Raleigh, N.C., for Game 5 on Sunday.

"Unpopular?" "Steal?" I sense some creeping negative Canandian media bias as the series tightens. How dare a team so far removed from the center of the francophone hockey universe "steal" what is rightly theirs? How dare such an "unpopular" player snag two points in the process?

Uh, squeeze me? What's popularity got to do with it?

If I'm a bitter Habitant today, I'm bitter at the refs again for letting the 'Canes (Williams, Stillman) swing their sticks like Mamelukes on crack.

Back to the RBC. I don't know if call it "home ice advantage" in this series...

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James Mirtle said...

That's a Canadian Press wire story; it's not written by TSN.

Unpopular? They're just referring to all of the booing Montrealers are sending his way.

And steal's a common term for winning in another team's building.

End of conspiracy talk.

CasonBlog said...

But I still see black helicopters with maple leafs on them...PS thanks for the nice words about Hurricanes bloggers.