Friday, April 07, 2006

NBC Tries to Ambush Southern NASCAR Fans

Em Er Muslims?
I heard about this little operation last night on ESPN radio. Now I'm not really a NASCAR fan. They only races I might watch even the last 10 laps of each season are Daytona and Bristol. Daytona cause it's the big race and Bristol because it's like a demolition derby in the round.

NBC's Dateline show set up a sting at the racetrack in Martinsville last weekend trying to capture video of NASCAR fans abusing "Muslim looking" people. NASCAR has gotten wind of it and raised hell with the network-the same network that carries many of their races, at least until their contract is up at the end of the season. Think NBC will get the NASCAR contract ever again? NASCAR is smart. They are NFL smart. They don't need NBC.

NBC has apparently pulled their plan to go to the Texas Motor Speedway and try to gather more video.

NBC's rationale for this bit of redneck profiling:

"We are following up on a recent poll and other articles indicating an
increase in anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States."

So if there is possible anti-Muslim sentiment in the US, where do they chose to start their witch hunt? Why at the very heart of racism in America-NASCAR events, of course. Not Philly, where they boo Santa Claus, mock opposing players with severe spinal injuries, and eat their young. Not Phoenix where the Scotsdalians are more worried about being seen than really seeing anything. Not MSG, where folks who lost friends and family members in the two towers might run across these Muslim-looking people. No, it's NASCAR, the traveling weekly Cracker revival.

Apparently they didn't get the video they wanted at Martinsville. Not enough bedsheets, buring crosses, slobbering inbred drunks with hairy backs, and Confederate battle flags, I would reckon.

I bet their plan for Texas was to give those Muslim-looking volunteer activists Kurt Busch hats to replace their traditional Islamic head dress. Then all the venom they would invite from the legions of NASCAR fans who hate that little weasel could be fashioned to appear anti-Muslim.

This from the network that brought us a shocking investigation on automobiles with exploading fuel tanks. It was discovered later that they had rigged those cars with explosives-but only to heighten the effect on camera.

I hope Stone Phillips will remember, a southern man don't need him around anyhow.


IwoCPO said...

Nice Skynyrd reference my man. Great post.

CasonBlog said...

Thanks Chief. Southerners are one of the few remaining cultural groups that are fair game for this kind of crap.

J said...

The fans of NASCAR today are not the same fans of NASCAR's past. It is a much more diverse crowd. There are many African-American fans that go to the races with NO incident.

NBC just simply has a habit of creating news when they do not have any. It seems to me that they should be more concerned with the "Muslim-Looking" terrorists than how Americans feel about "Muslim-Looking" people. There is a difference!

CasonBlog said...

Thanks J for the crossover sports love.