Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Playoff predictions then and now

Big Bravo Zulu to the Craps!
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The Thrash flat out quit with about 10 seconds remaining. I loved seeing the Craps defender leave the puck behind the net with time still on the clock to congratulate Kolzig. Bob Heartless's stare down of the officials was also classic-go home hoser. Huge payroll. Great individual players. No team defense. Tendency to take ill-timed and thuggish penalties. The Craps are a team on the rise.

Below is an extract from a CasonBlog post the first week in October. I nailed a few and missed a few by a mile. My take on the Islanders and Leafs was right on. When the grandpas were healthy, the Panthers were a force late into the season. I gave the Bruins way too much credit (as did many others). Bad management, the Joe Thornton trade and late emergence of solid goaltending spelled their doom. Might have seen that coming when Joe's contract squabble started being fought in the media right before the start of the season.

I also sold the Rangers and Sabers way too short. The Rangers were always a pretty heartless team. Surprise! Jagr chopped off the mullet and re-emerged as a playmaker and leader among Czechs. If they face the Devils in the first round however....

I grossly underestimated the impact of Ovechkin and Crosby. I nailed the predictions on the emergence of Cole and Williams-might have been right about Vasicek too if he hadn't suffered the catastrophic knee injury right off the bat. Here's what I said then about the Eastern Conference:

Hope springs eternal here at CasonBlog. Here are my Eastern Conference picks (x marking the playoff bound teams) for this season:


xOttawa-They're mad, and they're not going to take it anymore

xBoston-Great mix of youth and maturity

xMontreal-Youth and speed kills

Toronto-Fratricide and civil war breaks out in Leaf Nation

Buffalo-Wandering aimlessly


xTampa-Marty and Vinny rule under the new rules

xCarolina-Vasicek, Cole, Williams emerge as stars

Atlanta-If they sign Ilya, they might move up

Florida-Applesauce and medicine for the grandpas

Crapitals-Overchkin grumbles about going back to Rooosha


xPhiladelphia-Despite planting redwoods on defense

xNew Jersey-Wiley and always in the mix in a division not that strong

xPittsburgh-I'm talking Recchi, Mario, Dick, and Sergei, not so much Sid

NYI-Captain Yashin?

NYR-Under construction

Ottawa moves on to the Cup finals

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