Friday, April 14, 2006

Rumblin', Bumblin', Stumblin' Towards the Playoffs

Remember this one Robby Boy?
A lot at stake for the Bolts tonight and tomorrow. The Thrash are red-hot and right on the heels of Tortorella's underachievers. Boltsmag has a link to an article in the St. Pete Times that deals with Coach "T's" Caligula-like optimism coming off their humiliating loss to the Trash on Tuesday night. Should make for some good theatre. Which Bolts team will show up?

I like what I've seen in the play of the 'Canes since the second period of the last Thrash game. The boys played the Devils extremely tight, and never seemed to let the piss-poor officiating penetrate their psyche. They were back to playing like they expected to win.

Speaking of expectations, I expect to see great things come playoff time from the Veterans Admisinstration Line of Weight, Recchi and Whitney. Let Ray ice his groins a couple of more days, and I think we'll be pleasantly surprised by what these cagy vets bring to the mix.

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