Friday, May 19, 2006

Almost Lost in Translation

I'm getting a kick out of Batigol's Hurricanes blog-the Keilbasa Edition. This post title caught my eye today:

"Rod Jest Jak Wino"

Now, being the third generation Slovene and expert in Slavic dialects that I am, I can report with great confidence that Batigol has made a desperate attempt to scoop us all. Loosly transated, this line reads, "Rod jacked up a wino in jest."

Now if this were true, it would be devastating the Stanley Cup aspirations of our beloved "Huriganami." But we all know it just can not be true. Rod is a pillar of the community. He would never assault a wino. His large and sweaty bottom has been known to work over a few goaltenders, but never the defenseless of our society.

We know from the WRAL report earlier in the season that Rod has turned his bachelor's crib into a veritable Bullwinkle's arcade and pizza parlor. That's right, and he does it, "for the children!" Jungle gyms and trampolines...hell, the only thing he's missing is the water show and animatronic moose and squirrel...I just hope he never adds the animatronic Dudley Do-right that boos whenever the Star Spangled Banner is played. That could well provoke and international incident (see Sharkspage).

Anyway...Hey Batigol! We just don't need this kind of tabloid journalism here in hockey blog world, so knock off all that muck-raking!!!!!

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